“Motion Unfolding” release 28th October 2011, Double Moon Records at Sunset Jazz Club

Motion Unfolding 2011


Motion Unfolding – Tam de Villiers Quartet Featuring David Linx


N E W 4TET A L B U M “Motion Unfolding” to be released in October on the German Label – Double Moon Records.

CD release concert at Sunset Jazz Club, Paris on the 28th October!
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After two more years of regular concerts, and working together since the last CD, the quartet has dug deep, honed and innovated the group sound and now opens the door to a special guest: singer DAVID LINX featured on two tracks of the album. This album promises the same richness and rhythmic depth which characterises the group, but with an effulgent energy and melodic pace which drives open this contemporary music to all ears. 


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