Frederic ChiffoleauEver seeking new adventures, Frédéric Chiffoleau participates in many musical projects diverse in sound and nature.

He was a member from 2003 to 2012 on of France’s most famous groups of recent years,« Jus de Bocse », lead by renowned French trumpeter Médéric Collignon – several times winner of the « Victoires du Jazz » (French Jazz Awards) with the Album of the Year in 2013, Artist of the Year in 2010, and Best Rising Star in 2007. Also winner of « Django d’Or » 2009 Live Show, and the prize of l’Académie Charles Cros in 2006

He plays with the singer Katerine and group « Francis et ses Peintres » and participated in the project « 52 Reprises dans l’Espace » all through out 2010.

He is also member of the quintet of saxophonist Sébastien Texier, « Toxic Parasites », the group « Stringed » of saxophonist Alban Darche,  the quartet of Tam de Villiers, and trio of pianist Yvan Robilliard, and since 2006 is  one of the key members in the orchestras of Bruno Régnier (À suivre… X-Tet et Ciné X-Tet).

He is currently working on the unique project « The Organ King », of the singer FM, which amazingly combines an orchestra of robot automatons in the group.

He has collaborated with Julien Lourau, Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Alain Jean-Marie, Claude Barthelemy, Marc Ducret, Anna Karina, …